*Increases Its Installed Solar Capacory TO 1.6MW In 202

Energy experts have shown relentless concern over the fuel scarcity in Nigeria and its effect on companies and industries, buttressing that the rapid increase of the world population and present-day industrial development have created a massive demand and energy supply gap.


As a way of proffering possible solutions to these setbacks, westa.solar, a leading clean energy company that offers an all-inclusive solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), announces the commissioning of a 148kWp solar installation at Froot Multitrade Nigeria Limited and a 600kWp solar installation at Sacvin Nigeria limited.

According to westa.solar’s Country Manager, Ayomide Agbola, despite the slow start for reliable renewable energy technologies in Nigeria, there is reason to be optimistic about the sector’s potential. Westa.solar is a dedicated lover of Nigeria and West Africa, with a full understanding of how electricity, or the lack thereof, affects the growth of our economy and the nation as a whole.



Recall that in the first quarter of 2022, westa.solar secured a mezzanine loan of 1.5Million euro from the Development Bank of Austria (OeEB) which has positively impacted the growth of the company’s portfolio. The company’s PPA model offers a robust power supply solution which includes design, installation, financing and maintenance of rooftop and ground mounted solar projects for Commercial and Industrial clients in West Africa. The goal is to ensure cost-saving on clients’ power usage while increasing the energy reliability and reducing the negative environmental impacts of the clients’ operations


By financing the projects, westa.solar ensures a competitive cost of power, with respect to the national grid. All the intricate technical details from audit to commissioning and operation, are managed directly by westa.solar to eliminate complexity and risks. The company’s projects are deployed using Tier-1 components to ensure high quality and long-lasting installations.



In this same prospect, westa.solar recently commissioned its new solar rooftop power plant of 600KWp at Sacvin Industries Limited located in Kano state, Nigeria. This feat adds to a growing list of clientele under the company’s PPA / Lease-To-Own model. It is expected that over 10,000 tons of CO2 would be offset over the 15-year tenure of the project’s PPA. In addition, Sacvin’s projected savings will exceed 1.6Billion naira in 25 years, mostly achieved through reduction in use of diesel. Reduced dependence on the unstable national grid also contributes to the savings profile.

Speaking further on the impact of renewable energy in Nigeria, Agbola further stated:


“We are helping businesses stay operational in Nigeria by providing them with a clean, reliable and cost-effective source of power. Our solar hybrid systems start saving the client money from day one. We deploy innovative remote monitoring systems, giving us the ability to be the best kind of first-responders that a need as sensitive as power supply requires. Be it a 150kW system, or a 5MW system, we treat each project with an attention to detail that is sure to make and keep our clients happy.” She added.



Commending the service delivery and after-sales experience with westa.solar, MD of Froot, Joseph Yaghi said “We are enjoying reduced energy bills and generator maintenance costs, as our generators now operate more efficiently. Considering the continuous price increase in traditional energy generating options, this solar system is essential for businesses to reduce operational costs. An added advantage is the positive impact this system has on the environment”.