What Is Reality?


What if I told you that nothing in this world really existed?

Your reality is only perceived by you as a being. By your five sense, all that you see, hear, taste, feel and smell is dependent on you and the path you choose in life.

What if the world you wake up to when you hit your pillow was the real world and in that world everything happens as it is then by morning, you forget you were there. Just as you forget you are here when you hit your pillow. You have to fade off to be awake on the other side.

Do you ever wonder if you were living someone else’s dream and you got so comfortable that you forget?

Life is like…say…a movie script. You see, in this script, the Producer, the Director and the Editor control’s everything about the movie. The cast only has a role to play and has his or her chance to do it right. These managers- the Producer, Director and Editor know and understand how each cast evolves unto the end. Shakespeare’s play ‘As you like it’ had said it before: all the world’s a stage… So you see, life is like a movie that is on play if not a replay and your life is a script.

So in the day, the world which we perceive as real constitutes that, all we see is a projection of the Producer’s imagination. Whatever ought to happen for each scene is already known if not watched before.

Gauge this; all things are possible, somethings are inevitable. Whatsoever your mind can conceive already exists or is in the process of actualization. One’s limited knowledge doesn’t hinder the flow of the big picture. This is because you are just a cast and your part is all in the script handed to you. Now you should ask yourself, if not wonder if you are a flat or round character.

Before the internet existed, (FaceTime and all manner of technology) voodoo was real. It was as real as summoning a person’s spirit in the mirror or communicating across realms. Over time and evolution, a viral idea was projected into the minds of geniuses to alternate the spirit realm into a reality, a concept that could be grasped and accepted by all humans.

Through our five senses, our perceptions are our reality. But that which we cannot see, feel, touch, taste or smell is as real as reality itself.

What if you don’t like the script handed to you? Maybe you think it’s boring or doesn’t just suit you.  Truth is, you can fling it, rewrite it or even refuse it. We have the power of will and that’s what makes us distinct creatures. This is what people are afraid of. They hope to be the celebrity of the film without the work.

The only reality you have is in your mind. In it you are free to create and project what you want for your life. In your mind you create a scene that even the Editor of life’s script cannot cut out but applaud the perfect role you play.


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