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What Is Your Creative Capital?

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Creativity is an act of transposing an original imaginary concept into an action intricately done out of the desire to satisfy the need to fill a void, or improve a situation. Imagine if your worth is based on this in naira, how much of a value are you?


The distinguishing mark between what’s ordinary and extraordinary, is clearly the inhibition of creativity in all that is required. That little “extra” you put into any work of your hand will always go a long way to branding you as an individual or a group as unique. This in itself breeds innovation and in turn, provides beneficial outcomes to promote life with cutting edge comfort.


A typical reasoning being has an iota of creativity embedded in the mind. It’s just left to the owner or user to stretch it. This is what makes humans a unique part of creation. The ability to think and create. To feel and to act with will power.

An anti-creative person or a non-creative person per se, is one who is naturally backward, accepting unpleasant situations as fate implying that ‘it is destiny’. Anti-creativity is the psychological state wherein one is mentally not given to chance to be imaginative. There is a lack of zeal or passion to do something out of the ordinary. The ordinary way of delivery of services in their sphere of influence suits them just fine. This person can be likened as one in a state of creative comatose. Boredom sets in then you begin to question your purpose of existence.


Entrepreneurs, for instance, are all about creating value, finding challenges and creating solutions and daring to make a difference from the norm often by thinking outside the box. A true entrepreneur’s action is driven passion, determination and focus on a vision that most of the time, no one clearly seems to understand their drive.


Creativity involves analytical deep thinking. Most times, emotional thinking is involved. This is where there is passion for action. This involves following where your mind strategically leads to exploring beyond your fantasies. Your mind is key in everything you do. That’s where the ability of your power, strength, and weaknesses are nursed and enhance.


So, what is your creative capital? In what ways can you express new possibilities in every are you find yourself? Imagine the amount of wealth you could accrue from creativity. Do what you do with passion, them wealth will naturally flow to you. Upgrade your thoughts, upgrade your world.

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