What do you do when the right man walks into your life? To all ladies out there who have a man or men in their lives (father, brother, or lover)…

When a woman meets a man who truly loves her, somewhere deep in her heart, as feminine intuition, she knows that he loves her too much to lose her.  He dares not treat her without empathy.

The man, being a lover or partner may show love, probably not much in words. However, his words and actions will correlate. But again, “actions speak louder than words”. A person’s actions says it all. It’s been proven for centuries that in your acts, therein lies the condemnation or justification of your words.

When you find that one man who’s faithful and true, take care that you;

Appreciate his effort of loving you

Remember money does not buy love; love is something you plant, cultivate and harvest. It’s not fairy-tales. Its work and its energy. Appreciate the effort he puts into showing he cares about you with his love language towards you. Appreciate him in words. Men fancy that.

Maintain an ambiance of friendship

After a period of time, erotic love may fade or more like, be on a low. What else can you really fall back to when the sparks are out? It will only be that cultivated relationship of friendliness.

Get intimate as often as possible

This isn’t all about the three letter word. Intimacy is a level of connection you get to as a result of being one in mind and, or body. It is connecting with or without words with that person who really knows you and knows you for who you truly are. Communication here is key, and well, have some creativity to add to it.  Words have powers to make or mar a person or situation. Communication breeds room for intimacy.

Act with tact

Women, because of our natural gift of intuition there’s a tendency to react to a situation differently from the male gender. Always apply tact in handling your man or a situation. It’s ok to get angry but what’s not ok it letting it last for a night.

Remember if you don’t mutually impact into each other, ask yourselves, what are you really gaining from your relationship?


The Confidante

Pic Credit: IG: @dammy5ive