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South Africa has again offered the world a macabre and an odious image. Attacking foreigners has become common activity. Every day the world, and Africa witness these black on black crimes and racial discrimination.


South Africans seem to be forgetful so much that the pangs of the past are distant memories and the rare after-effects are far from making them aware. But, aren’t these renegades who take on foreigners out of intelligence and maturity to find the root of evil, the real causes of their evil? Who better than leaders of opinion can hypnotize them by strong words to deconstruct in minds, once and for all, that foreigners are not the emissaries of the evils they suffer.


This torture, South Africa is not the only one on the continent to do it to black immigrants. “The story is stubborn”, said Paul Kagame. It reminds us that, West Africans paid a heavy tribute during the post-election crisis in côte d ‘ Ivoire. Elsewhere, voices have raised to bring the reason to the “Non-thinking reeds”. but, South Africa, after Nelson Mandela, suffers from the absence of a charismatic man, including the legality and authority Impose absolute deference in the collective conscience. This man who could bring hope and peace into the desperate homes. Worse, religious leaders and politicians, in the shadow or ostensibly, draw the strings of this increase of violence against foreigners.

Pic Credit: PInterest

Is this flowering of convictions that will grow from everywhere, is it the solution of this cycle of repeated violence? No. South African leaders must demonstrate ingenuity in governance by investing in basic social sectors (Housing, caring, feeding) in order to reduce poverty, the nourishing sap of this xenophobic.


Is it cynicism that to ask them to confess to their people the responsibility that is their own in this dark situation? And if there are still voices of hope like that of Julius Malema to remind these ” Ignoramuses ” of the townships that the solution to their problem is all other: ” we can hunt from our soil, all our African brothers, but you will see that there will still be no work in South Africa.


Our wealth is in the hands of the white people who refuse to invest to create more industries. The “Rainbow Nation” is therefore of great interest to restore its coat of arms of poor African immigrants in search of well-being. In No Case, it will continue to revive in the consciences that its propensity to violence is more than genetic.